Open Debate: Select Your NFC North Big Three

| July 20th, 2012

I started a conversation on the Twitter a day or so back and it became a rather intriguing sports debate. Now I send it to you, my loyal readers, and I expect you will not be horribly swayed by your penchant for loving a certain ballclub that plays its football between a highway and a large lake.

Rank the QB-RB-WR trio, #1s only, of Chicago, Detroit & Green Bay. It is a fascinating debate once broken down. The Packers have a substantial advantage at QB but Stafford v Cutler is a legitimate debate with Cutler coming out slightly ahead. The Lions have the biggest advantage in sports at WR but Jennings and Marshall is a legitimate debate and – I believe – Marshall comes out slightly ahead.

That leaves running back and Matt Forte has a significant advantage over James Starks and whomever the Lions tread out there.

Here is how I do the rankings:

Aaron Rodgers – 95
Jay Cutler – 88
Matthew Stafford – 82

Calvin Johnson – 100
Brandon Marshall – 90
Greg Jennings – 89

Matt Forte – 92
James Starks – 82
Lions Backs – 70

Total Points:
270 Chicago
266 Green Bay
252 Detroit

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