Packers Hold Serve, Bears Horrid on Offense

| September 14th, 2012

Here are my rapid fire reactions:

  • I tend to harbor particular plays. Often one play. And I would love to see this game play out without the Gabe Carimi personal foul. I believe that play flipped the momentum entirely and it was inexcusable.
  • So was the play of the rest of the offensive line, including Kellen Davis. There is really very little positive to say about this group when it comes to pass protection. (You’d have to add Matt Forte’s pair of whiffs to that as well. Complete protection meltdown.)
  • This was an outstanding defensive effort from the Bears. Outstanding. They pressured Rodgers all game, they covered well down field and forced the Packers into consistent check downs. They deserved to win.
  • And I love the Bears use of their front four. I saw Melton at left end, Peppers at tackle and McClellin set-up like a blitzing linebacker over the left guard. I was not expecting it. Neither were the Pack.
  • What can you say about the fake field goal? We’ve given Dave Toub a lotta credit around here for some of his genius play-calling. He (and the rest of the Bears coaching staff) were out-coached last night. That was a masterstroke by McCarthy and company.
  • Urlacher looked better. Not great. Better.
  • Brandon Marshall can’t drop that touchdown pass.
  • Devin Hester can’t drop that first down toss over the middle.
  • Lance Briggs can’t drop that interception.
  • The Bears lost last night because they made far too many physical errors.
  • You’d almost have to break down Jay Cutler’s night play-by-play to understand it. My overall opinion  is Cutler can’t allow his temperament to control his physical performance. He was pissed off at his offensive line and his wide receivers and he adopted a careless attitude toward where he threw the football. That is a losing mentality and a substantial factor in the Bears losing.
  • I continue to be thoroughly unimpressed by Adam Podlesh.
  • Matt Spaeth sighting!
  • I have zero problem with Cutler chewing out J’Marcus Webb on the sideline. Someone has to if the kid is going to allow one of the best pass rushers in the game to hit the franchise quarterback at will. My issue with Cutler? He shouldn’t have stopped at Webb. He should have gone after Chris Spencer too.

Overall it is a terrible offensive performance. Terrible. But it’s also the second week of the season. If this happened in December the Bears would be in serious trouble. But it’s September. Now we find out what Mike Tice and Jeremy Bates have got in the coaching tank.