Preseason Game Two: Rapid Fire Recap

| August 18th, 2012

I have stated many times that I believe these preseason games to be meaningless. Let me actually take a step back from that statement now. Late in the fourth quarter I watched Matt Blanchard (QB) and Evan Rodriguez (TE) play their hearts out to earn the Bears a win. These were two terrific efforts and they should not go ignored. (I’ll have more on each as we proceed.)

Let’s go…

  • Not to start negative but if Brandon Hardin’s injury is anything near serious, I expect him to receive the Lovie red shirt for 2012. If he can’t participate for the remainder of the preseason I can’t imagine him on the 53-man roster come September 1.
  • This Bears receiving corps is going to be terrific. I legitimately can’t wait until the start of the season. (Side note: I think Chris Summers has a nice talent but you can’t put the ball on the ground if you’re trying to crack an NFL roster. I’m hoping the Bears practice squad this kid, though, because I think there’s something there. Longsho, I know.)
  • What is Evan Rodriguez? He is NOT a fullback. He is NOT a blocking tight end. Is he just a pass catcher? How would he find his way onto the field? (Side note: I thought he looked very small.)
  • Let’s hope Chris Conte is okay.
  • Henry Melton is going to have an outstanding season if he brings to the entirety of 2012 what he brought tonight.
  • This is an honest opinion: I think Justin Blackmon was the best receiver in this year’s draft but I think Alshon Jeffery is going to have a better career.
  • Devin Hester looked like a professional wide receiver. I was shocked too.
  • If Mike Tice never calls another endzone fade route to Brandon Marshall I won’t complain.
  • Michael Bush. Wow. Like Marion Barber but with tons of ability.
  • Yes it took this long for me to get to the left tackle situation. You know why? They both played well. I would be shocked if J’Marcus Webb is not the starting LT against the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Matt Toeaina. Positive.
  • Chris Spencer. Negative.
  • I loved watched Major Wright blitz. If he finishes a few of these he’ll be looking at a big statistical year.
  • How about Eric Weems! Not only did he look terrific in the return game but he showed some moves on the outside at wide receiver.
  • While most people will read too much into Lorenzo Booker’s return TD, I won’t. What I loved? Seeing Rashied Davis leading his path down the field. Rash is one of the better special teamers of the Lovie era and it’s great to have him back.
  • I don’t care what Sam Rosen says. Blake Costanzo is not going to play middle linebacker for the Bears. Did you see him in pass coverage? Not good. Tough player. Definitely an asset. Not going to make folks forget Urlacher.
  • Jonathan Wilhite. Negative.
  • Nate Collins. Positive. (Watch out for Collins. He is going to be 2012’s Amobi Okoye. He is also pictured above.)
  • Did you know Robbie Gould had 57 in that leg? I didn’t.
  • I think the Bears are crazy if they let Matt Blanchard leave town in favor of Josh McCown. If this season comes down to McCown or Blanchard, it is over . Done. Dead. So why not allow the kid to get some necessary field time?
  • Hey JT Thomas! Where’d you go?

Okay that’s enough for tonight. Bears move on to the Meadowlands Friday night for the meaningless game that means the most. (Just ask a certain former Vikings and Cardinals head coach.)