Questions Heading into NFL Draft Saturday

| April 28th, 2012

Q: Will the Bears look at the quarterback position on day three of the NFL draft?

I think it would be fascinating if Kirk Cousins is still on the board when the Bears pick in the fourth round. Cousins is not a special-type quarterback but he reminds some folks, including me, of Jon Kitna. With the Bears only signing Jason Campbell to a one-year contract and Josh McCown being mediocre the Bears may be looking to develop Jay Cutler’s longterm backup.

Q: Why haven’t the Bears addressed the offensive line?

The answer is simple: they like their offensive line and they love their offensive line coach, Mike Tice. The Bears rushed for 2,014 yards in 2011 and you simply can’t achieve those kinds of numbers with bad line play. This is especially true when you consider the Bears had three backs record 100-yard rush games even after opponents realized Caleb Hanie was incapable of completing a pass.

Yes they struggled in pass protection but they only allowed five sacks in Cutler’s last five games under center. Two of those were admittedly Cutler’s fault. The question of the 2012 season may very well be this: will J’Marcus make significant improvement from year one at left tackle to year two? If he does the Bears are going to have one of the most dynamic passing games in the sport. If he does not the Bears will need to supply assistance on the left side of the line continually and look to find a longterm answer at the position next offseason.

Q: Why has Ole Miss tackle Bobby Massie slid to the third day of the draft?

Nobody knows. Mel Kiper looked stunned on ESPN and Mike Mayock admitted, on camera, he needed to revisit the tape in order to understand how a player’s draft stock could decline so majestically. (He did not use the word “majestically” but he should have.) Whatever the case may be I think the Bears should find a way to grab him in the fourth round. Not because I know anything about the player but because I can’t imagine he won’t enter the NFL with a rather massive chip on his shoulder. Massie came out early. Articles were written Wednesday that he might go in the first round. Now he’s available on the weekend and will most likely be a longshot to make an NFL roster in 2012. I’d like to see him fighting for that spot in Bourbonnais.

Q: What position might the Bears surprise fans by attacking?

Running back. There are three or four talented backs still available in this draft, especially Washington’s Chris Polk and Miami’s Lamar Miller. We know Michael Bush and Kahlil Bell will be arriving at Bears camp this summer. We do not know about Matt Forte. Phil Emery and the organization might be best served to send the Double Deuce a clear message they are prepared to move on without him.