Quick Audibles From the Long Snapper

| August 28th, 2012

I’m up in the mountains of Woodstock, NY so today will be an abbreviated post. We will have an uber-meaningless fourth preseason game preview column tomorrow and will post my pile of predictions for the 2012 NFL season on Friday.

Tee Shirts

Production has begun and will be completed by tomorrow afternoon. All shirts will be on the road to you by Friday morning. We will be making a second round of shirts available for sale some time after the start of the season (most likely October).

Adios, Mr. Morrissey

I read Rick Morrissey’s inane, worthless diatribe in the Sun-Times this morning out of boredom if nothing else. And I am now fully comfortable with my decision for 2012: I will no longer cite or reflect upon anything written by a Chicago columnist during the 2012 season. I will stick to the folks I respect on the fringe of the Bears coverage: my friends Roy and Adam Oestmann. They are talented individuals with opinions I respect. I can’t say the same about Morrissey, Haugh…etc.

That Does Not Go For the Actual Reporters…

…and Potash does not profile work in the Sun-Times on fullback Tyler Clutts – a player it is quite hard not to root for. I think the Bears would be making a possibly devastating mistake if they believe Evan Rodriguez is capable of anchoring the power run game they’re trying to implement with Matt Forte and the acquisition of Michael Bush. Clutts is the best blocking back on this current roster. He should make this team.