Rapid Fire Recap of a Dreary Sunday Night

| November 12th, 2012

I thought it would be a game decided by a single play and it absolutely was. These were two dead even teams and the team that made the fewest mistakes won. Simple as that. Here are some thoughts…

  • The boos Kellen Davis was hearing last night at Soldier Field are just the beginning as he becomes the poster child for the offense’s futility. Davis is a third string tight end, nothing more, and the quicker the Bears realize that the better off we’ll all be.
  • Think about all the plays the Bears could have made. What if Robbie Gould makes the field goal? What if Brandon Marshall caught the perfectly thrown touchdown pass? What if Matt Forte or Kellen Davis catch the seam routes thrown to them? Either of those plays dramatically alter the course of this game. It just wasn’t the Bears night.
  • I knew that when Michael Bush fumbled on fourth-and-one.
  • We spent all week talking about J.J. Watt and he was almost a non-factor. We spent less time talking about Danieal Manning and he delivered his best performance of 2012. Hard to dislike the guy or the player.
  • Hey Jay, slide.
  • Hey Jay, if you’re concussed, get the hell off the field. Don’t go out there for another half quarter with a brain injury. The tough guy thing is in the books. Your health is key to this team winning a title.
  • You saw the difference between Jason Campbell and Jay Cutler and it’s this: Cutler doesn’t check down. He doesn’t think conservatively. It can be infuriating at times but it’s the difference between a boring offense and an explosive one.
  • I simply don’t like the Mike Tice approach to offensive football. When I can sit in a tavern and predict, with solid accuracy, 75% of your play calls…your play calls ain’t very good. If the Bears are going to struggle in the postseason, Tice is going to be the primary reason.
  • The Bears have the best defense in football. I’m not complaining about them.
  • How many interceptions does Tim Jennings intend to have this year? 20?
  • Arian Foster played a tough, intelligent football game and his touchdown catch was simply an exceptional play.
  • Okay, one complaint about the Bears defense. Chris Conte and Nick Roach. When you get up to the line of scrimmage, make a tackle.
  • I am this close, THIS CLOSE, to making DaBearsBlog a non-Devin Hester as wide receiver zone. I can’t write about it anymore. It is too frustrating. Why would you throw 30-yard down field jump balls to Hester? It doesn’t make a lick of sense. Alshon Jeffery can’t get back to this field fast enough.
  • Offensive line was good last night in pass protection but I’d be careful with jumping to conclusions. With that weather and those field conditions it is very difficult to rush the passer.
  • Did Adam Podlesh decide one good punt was enough? Because EVERY other punt was awful.

There’s more but it’s a long week ahead. The Bears are 7-2 and grouped with the top teams in the NFC. They have a lot of work to do on offense if they’re going to string three playoff games together. But it can be done. And it starts against another good defense in San Francisco Monday night.