Rapid Fire: Weirdest Blowout of My Life?

| October 8th, 2012

It never felt like a blowout, even as Cutler erupted in the second half and the Reverend and I questioned with Chad Henne was actually the Jaguars backup quarterback. It never felt dominant, even as Armando Allen (really?) showed some of that early-camp flash. The second half of this 41-3 rout felt more like relief. Good relief but relief nevertheless. It allowed me to breathe at the North Haven, Connecticut Holiday Inn bar and acknowledge, “Yes, this is a very good football team. I’m not crazy.”

Some thoughts…

  • I hated Matt Forte staying in the game to get a hundred yards. I understand it matters to these guys but Forte is an essential member of this offense, coming off a semi-serious injury, staring down fourteen days off. Were those 100 yards really worth a potential injury? And why was Cutler handing him the football at that point? I had no audio for the game so maybe this was explained?
  • Another solid effort from J’Marcus Webb at left tackle. As this season is progressing I could make a detailed argument that Webb has been a better tackle than Gabe Carimi. Carimi has to stop committing terrible penalties.
  • The Bears defensive line was inconsistent Sunday but once they get unleashed with a lead I don’t think there’s an offensive line in the NFL that will hold them back. I thought Corey Wootton’s sack/fumble was the most significant play of the game Sunday.
  • There were a few moments Sunday where watching Brian Urlacher attempt to track Maurice Jones-Drew to the sideline made me sad. I thought the Jags would attack Urlacher and they did, over and over, throughout the first half. He simply lost his speed.
  • Lance Briggs found it.
  • I hope some Bears fans are now understanding what I love about Justin Blackmon. He is a special talent.
  • Nice to have a player as talented as Michael Bush coming off the bench, huh? I knew Bush was a big, bruising back but I didn’t expect him to be a weapon in the passing game.
  • I think the Bears should retire the slant because I’d guess Jay Cutler throws 60% of his interceptions on poorly executed slants. Jay seems uncomfortable throwing them. The receivers seem uncomfortable running them. The whole thing looks like a circus. So just retire the play.
  • The Bears secondary STILL needs to clean-up the go route execution. It seems every week – Gibson, Bryant, Shorts – some receiver is running free over the top. The Bears better clear it up in the next two weeks because Stafford/Johnson will test them repeatedly in primetime at Soldier Field.
  • Nobody seemed to take more ridiculous criticism this summer than Peanut Tillman. Folks decided a meaningless game in the Meadowlands was reason enough to cut the guy. Tillman has been in the shadow of Tim Jennings for the early part of the year but now has essentially hit game-winning homers in back to back weeks. Good to see.
  • Hey, Muhsin Muhammad! I guess Chicago is not where receivers go to die. I guess it’s just where a shitty receiver like you went to steal McCaskey money. Alshon Jeffery is going to be very good for a very long time.
  • I want Earl Bennett to come back because I just don’t trust Kellen Davis to be able to catch the ball. Tight end has to be a focus for Phil Emery in April.
  • 12 catches. 144 yards. 1 touchdown. Wow, Brandon Marshall. You need to not get hurt.

4-1 into the bye is better than I expected and the teams, as a whole, looks better than I expected. We’ll spend the next 48 hours wrapping up the first five games and find a fun way to pass time over the next long, boring week.