Reverend's Rant & Bears Fan's Sunday Guide

| December 14th, 2012

Congrats to I Bleed Navy + Orange on a terrific, come-from-behind victory in the blog picks contest. Crown had the thing wrapped up for seven or eight weeks and Bleed kept in it. Please email me (jeff@dabearsblog.com) to discuss prizes and such.

What are we rooting for this weekend as Bears fans?

  • Browns over Redskins. This is perhaps the biggest non-Bears results. If the Redskins win on the road in Cleveland they will most likely head to Dallas in Week 17 with the same 9-6 record as the Bears (should Chicago lose to Green Bay).
  • St. Louis over Minnesota. I don’t think the Vikings are going on a run here down the stretch but why not have them lose?
  • Pittsburgh over Dallas. The Bears win over Dallas makes them the least intimidating of the WC contenders but knocking them back a step would certainly be welcomed.
  • Buffalo over Seattle. If the Bills could beat the Seahawks this week there is still an opportunity for the Seahawks to fade from the playoff picture as they have a home tilt with San Francisco next week.
  • Take your pick on New York v. Atlanta. Someone has to win the NFC East and whomever is left will be thrown into the WC mix. I would prefer the Giants fall out of the playoff picture because – let’s be frank – do you think the Bears can beat them in that building on wild card weekend?

Big point. If Bears beat Packers they should solidify a position in the postseason.