Reverend's Rant & Blog Picks Contest

| November 17th, 2012

Apologies to the Reverend’s logo, not pictured. Today’s photo is our draft party ticket winner in the brilliant seats provided her by DaBearsBlog. We’re glad she had a great time. Who will be joining us free of charge for our draft party in 2013? It could be you!

Picks Contest:

Crown has shown weakness. Who will attack? (I will do updated standings of ONLY THOSE WITH WINNING RECORDS next week.)

Home teams in CAPS

WASHINGTON -3.5 Philadelphia

ATLANTA -9 Arizona

Tampa Bay -1.5 CAROLINA

Green Bay -3.5 DETROIT

DALLAS -8 Cleveland

ST. LOUIS -3.5 New York Jets

NEW ENGLAND -9 Indianapolis

HOUSTON -14.5 Jacksonville

Cincinnati -3 KANSAS CITY

New Orleans -4.5 OAKLAND

DENVER -7.5 San Diego

Baltimore -3.5 PITTSBURGH

Side note: You are not out of this yet. There will be three, three, THREE picks contest bonus opportunities on Thanksgiving Day.

Sélection du blogpère: I’ll be rooting hard for Detroit so I’m picking Green Bay, laying three and a half, to keep myself from having a dud of a Sunday. I hope the Packers lose by 60.