Reverend's Rant & Da Blog Picks Contest

| October 19th, 2012

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Picks Contest Reminder.

If you have not entered the contest by now you are ineligible to win the contest. To see a the current standings after five weeks, CLICK HERE. We will update the standings again in three weeks or so.

Picks Contest Prize.

You’ll be invited as special guest of DaBearsBlog to this year’s Round One Draft Party on Thursday night, April 25th at Cortland’s Garage in Bucktown. The prize includes:

  • Accommodation for draft night at The Willows Hotel, Lakeview. To see the hotel, CLICK HERE. I’ll also be in the hotel and will gladly take you for a drink at the local spot Monsignor Murphy’s if you so choose.
  • DaBearsBlog will cover the open bar for you and a +1 at the event.
  • Two automatic entries into the ticket contest giveaway that evening. (We’ll announce the particular game and details once the schedule is released next spring.)
  • A pair of 2012 DaBearsBlog tee-shirts.

*Sadly we’ve removed the Lou Malnati’s gift card for now due to some issues that have arisen. I am working on them and will have either the Malnati’s card restored or something in its place.

(Home team in CAPS)

BUFFALO -3 Tennessee

MINNESOTA -6 Arizona

INDIANAPOLIS -2.5 Cleveland

HOUSTON -7 Baltimore

Green Bay -5 ST. LOUIS

Dallas -2 CAROLINA

NEW YORK GIANTS -6 Washington

New Orleans -3 TAMPA BAY

NEW ENGLAND -10.5 New York Jets

OAKLAND -4 Jacksonville

Pittsburgh -1.5 CINCINNATI

I need a rebound selection to keep pace with the juggernaut that is Crown and oddly the teams I like I’ve already used. (Who invented this game anyhow?) So I’m taking the COWBOYS. It’s risky but I like it.

For actual gambling, here’s a three-team teaser: Patriots -4.5, Cowboys +4 and Ravens +13.