Reverend's Rant, Picks Contest & Sunday Selections

| November 9th, 2012

DaBearsBlog Picks Contest

You know the rules. Pick a team you haven’t picked. Hope Crown loses.

(Home team in CAPS)

NEW ENGLAND -10.5 Buffalo

Have you read a masterful condemnation of Dave Wannstedt’s career? You can do so by CLICKING HERE (and thank me later). Tom Brady vs. Wanny? Yeah, I’ll take the good one. New England Patriots 41, Buffalo Bills 16

New York Giants -4 CINCINNATI

Are the Giants great? Not until January. But contrary to the New York media a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers does not constitute a slump. If they lose this one, maybe. New York Giants 30, Cincinnati Bengals 20

TAMPA BAY -3 San Diego

Vincent Jackson revenge game? Nope. Too much Doug Martin, the current darling of the NFL and the man I think will end up winning ROY. Tampa Bay Bucs 26, San Diego Chargers 24

Denver -3.5 CAROLINA

If someone could give me a reason Peyton Manning won’t put up 350-400 yards of passing offense I’d take the Panthers. Anyone? Someone? Denver Broncos 28, Carolina Panthers 20

MIAMI -6 Tennessee

I guarantee you one thing: I won’t watch a single snap of this game. Miami Dolphins 17, Tennessee Titans 13

BALTIMORE -7.5 Oakland

The most humorous contract negotiation in recent memory will be taking place between Joe Flacco’s agent and the Baltimore Ravens. It’ll involve the phrases “But guys!” and “Oh c’mon!” from the Flacco side. (His season has been deflating like a March birthday balloon in late April.) Baltimore Ravens 23, Oakland Raiders 18

Atlanta -2 NEW ORLEANS

I would absolutely take the Saints for the upset here if they showed the ability to make a SINGLE tackle against the Eagles Monday night. Atlanta is going to lose one of these games, aren’t they? Oh fuck it. New Orleans Saints 33, Atlanta Falcons 27 (OT)

Detroit -2 MINNESOTA

One of these teams is going to hit midday Sunday with a winning record and a logical chance to win the final wild card slot in the NFL. Lions going one way, Vikings going the other. Trends continue. Detroit Lions 24, Minnesota Vikings 14

SEATTLE -6 New York Jets

Seattle is the most difficult place to play in the league and the Jets are the league’s most fragile offense. Seattle Seahawks 16, New York Jets 9


At what point does the NFL stop force-feeding the NFC East on the country? Cowboys stink. Eagles stink. Redskins. Folks will dress this result up as mattering. It doesn’t. Dallas Cowboys Score a Few Points, Philadelphia Eagles Score a Few Points Less


How are the Rams scoring in this game? Greg. The. Leg. San Francisco 49ers 24, St. Louis Rams 12

CHICAGO -1 Houston

16-13 Bears. To read the full game preview, CLICK HERE.

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