Schedules of the Wild Card Contenders

| December 10th, 2012

Because this is what comes from losing these last two miserable games, now attention must be focused on those teams competing for the wild card slots in the NFC.

Chicago Bears

home Green Bay, at Arizona, at Detroit

Thoughts: Who the hell knows but it seems almost likely the Bears will be 8-6 heading into Detroit with a win-and-you’re-in scenario. If they beat Green Bay at home next weekend their road is considerably easier.

Seattle Seahawks

at Buffalo (Toronto), home San Francisco, home St. Louis

Thoughts: They don’t lose at home and their win in Chicago has clearly reignited their season. I think they’ll be the only contender to run the table and that will buy them an express ticket to a first round beat down in New Jersey. (It looks like you would much rather be the 6 seed than the 5 seed in the NFC.)

Washington Redskins

at Cleveland, at Philadelphia, home Dallas

Thoughts: Two things working against the Redskins right now. (1) The health status of Bob Griffin. Kirk Cousins will be a good player down the road but I’m not sure he is ready lead a team on a playoff charge. (2) Cleveland and Philly are not pushovers right now, especially with Nick Foles.

Dallas Cowboys

home Pittsburgh, home New Orleans, at Washington

Thoughts: They’ve lost to Seattle and Chicago so Dallas needs one of those traffic jam tiebreakers to happen. If Seattle is the team I think will run the table, Dallas is the team I think will slowly walk the table and MAYBE win one of their last three.

Minnesota Vikings

at St. Louis, at Houston, home Green Bay

Thoughts: I think Minnesota’s win over Chicago was their Super Bowl. They will be significant underdogs the rest of the way and I think they’ll be content to finish 8-8 and make their decision at quarterback in the off-season. (They can’t start 2013 with an unopposed Christian Ponder. Someone else must be brought in. Alex Smith?)