Sunday Divisional Round Game Threads

| January 15th, 2012

Three things on yesterday’s football:

  1. Brilliant performance by Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers. Nobody, and I mean nobody, thought this team was going to beat the Saints in a game that saw both teams in the 30s. (I couldn’t find one game prediction on the internet that had the Niners scoring more than 24 points.) This is an easy team to root for in the NFC Championship Game.
  2. So what’s the Tebow fanatic’s response to a game like this? A game where he missed receivers five yards down field by twenty feet. A game where he looked like he didn’t belong on an NFL practice squad; never mind starting in a playoff game. His victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers last week may have set the Elway era in Denver back five years.
  3. This is going to sound cruel but hear me out. The best thing that can happen to Joe Paterno’s legacy is his death. Because if he dies he will be prohibited from giving the kind of ridiculous, insulting and downright untruthful interview he gave to Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post. The man who ran Penn State with an iron fist for fifty years suddenly did not want to disrupt university procedures and suddenly did not know what was happening in the football facilities? No one will believe him if he continues to take this approach with media and it will take an actual interviewer, sitting in front of him, harassing him for the truth, to know what really happened. He’s better off not being around when that time comes.