Super Bowl Game Prediction & Fantasy Playoffs Finale

| February 2nd, 2012


I’ve noticed a great many of our readers on the blog have no interest in this Super Bowl and that seems odd to me. We’d all prefer the Bears be in every Super Bowl but they’re not. Still, the Packers are not in this Super Bowl either – even after a 15-1 season. The Lions are not in this Super Bowl. They were blown out in New Orleans. There is nothing particularly annoying or emotionally devastating about this game. On the contrary I can’t remember a Super Bowl with more story lines and more drama. I’m looking forward to the game.

And I like the Pats.

Yes I know the Patriots are going to have a hellish time defending the Giants passing attack. There’s nobody in their secondary capable of staying with Nicks, Cruz and Manningham. There’s also not enough talent in the Pats pass rush to disrupt Eli Manning’s pocket. Give Eli time and he’ll dice you up. This game could easily end 38-10 Giants.

But I’m going with intangibles. Belichick and Brady do not want to lose consecutive Super Bowls. Do not want to see their SB record drift closer to.500. Do not want to finish their respective tenures with the mark of not having been able to beat Coughlin and Eli. I’m taking one of the greatest coach/quarterback tandems in history on Sunday.

Patriots 30, Giants 28


  • Seven of us remain in the Fantasy Playoffs pizza contest.
  • I am left with the Patriots offense, Giants defense and Patriots special teams. This essentially means that my offense and defense will nullify each other and I’ll be entirely reliant on the Pats specials.
  • The tiebreakers are the following: (1) The combined quarterback rating of both Tom Brady and Eli Manning. This is Price is Right rules. You cannot go over. (2) The total number of Giants rushing yards. Price is Right rules.  (3) Total number of catches by members of the Patriots not named Gronkowski, Hernandez and Welker. Price is Right.
  • My tiebreakers: 179.2, 63, 4

Contestants List

Jeff “Blogfather” Hughes


SC Dave