The Truly Meaningless Fourth Preseason Game Thread

| August 30th, 2012

I’m leaving this one sit on the site all day as I work on tomorrow’s prediction column. Lovie Smith has admitted the roster decisions have essentially been made so don’t expect to see anything of note happen on the football field tonght. Even still, here’s a few things.

  • The only conceivably interesting competition might be for the third running back position, as neither Matt Forte nor Michael Bush will be involved much tonight. Can Armando Allen seize the opportunity to start and usurp Lorenzo Booker – a player whose return prowess has placed him in the spotlight?
  • I’d like to see Ryan Quigley have another decent night punting the ball. The Bears were scavenging the waiver wire for a punter this week but I think they’d be making an error by letting Quigley go until they’re sure Adam Podlesh can stay on the field.
  • McCown. With word leaking of Brad Biggs that the Bears might consider keeping only two quarterbacks, one wonders if McCown might think he’s playing for a roster spot tonight. My opinion? The Bears are insane to carry two quarterbacks. If McCown were on the roster when Cutler went down last season the Bears would have been in the playoffs.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Corey Wootton make a single play. Just one. Throw us a bone.

I’ll leave it you guys. Even though I will be watching, convince me to watch. Give me a reason to turn tonight’s game on.