Thursday Night Game Thread & Picks Contest Bonus

| October 4th, 2012

Y’all are goin’ need get ya some of these here bonus points because myself, Grogan and Crown are showing no mercy in the picks contest. I will publish a full standings next week as we attempt to pass time during the bye week. (We’ll also be putting the next round of tee shirts on sale so stay tuned with your credit card numbers on the ready.)

Rooting Interest?

The Rams. (1) I like Jeff Fisher and I have never rooted against one of his teams when not playing the Bears. (2) We want the Cardinals to put some losses in the bank. I think the Niners will win that division and the Bears may very well find themselves competing with Arizona for a wildcard slot. (Competing with the Rams is no big deal now that we have a win over them in the bank.)

Picks Contest Bonus

  • Total points. You nail the number on the button and you’ll be credited with a good week. I want the number, the exact number, of points scored by the Cardinals and Rams tonight.
  • If you nail the bonus, I’ll let you replace any of your wrong weeks with it. This means I’ll allow you to put a team back on the board.

Good luck.