Thursday Night Game Thread & Picks Contest Bonus

| November 8th, 2012

Both of tonight’s teams played the Chicago Bears. The combined score? Bears 82 – Colts/Jags 24.

Tonight’s picks contest bonus is all about Andrew Luck, the only player really worth tuning into NFL Network to see tonight. But the question is a tricky one. I want:

Luck’s total yardage – Luck’s passer rating = __________?

So if you believe Luck will throw for 300 yards and have a passer rating of 98, you would submit 202 as your answer. We will replace a missed week with a correct week for anyone who answers within 2 points of the actual answer. Thus a submission of 202 would be correct for any total between 200-204.

I think Luck throws for 260 yards. Passer rating of 85.5. My total is 174.5.

Good luck.