Thursday Night Picks Contest Bonus & Standings

| November 1st, 2012

Here’s my idea for how the NFL could make tonight’s awful Thursday night football game interesting. Losing team fires their coach on the spot. We all know Norv and Romeo are not coming back next season so why not create some brilliant television drama. Good idea, right?

A few notes on the Picks Contest:

  • Just because Crown has a dominant record does not mean this contest is over. Far from it. Remember there will be bonuses for the next seven weeks and you’ll have 10+ chances to eliminate poor weeks.
  • If you do not see your name below it is because you have been ruled ineligible due to either: (a) only having made one selection until this point or (b) having chosen the same team twice.
  • If you have any questions or would like to dispute your standing (I do make mistakes) simply send me an email: jeff@dabearsblog.com

The Standings (with teams used):

Crown 8-0 (SF, Chi, Stl, NO, TB, Ind, Det)

MikeV in OR 4-0 (Chi, NO, GB, Dal)

Chris Odom 2-0 (NO, Min)

MonkeyNuts 6-1 (NE, Ind, Was, NYG, Cin, Dal, Den)

Viva 6-1 (Car, Pit, Buf, SD, Atl, Dal, Oak, Det)

Bearfanincb 5-1 (Phi, Cin, Buf, Den, NE, Atl, NO)

Sirwiz 4-1 (NYJ, Chi, Stl, GB, Den)

BobbyDouglass 4-1 (Atl, SD, Chi, Sea, Bal, Min)

OsosFan 3-1 (Jax, TB, Min, Stl)

505Bears! 3-1 (Atl, Cin, NO, NE)Perno 2-1 (TB, Mia, GB)

Artoo 6-2 (NE, Hou, Chi, Cin, GB, Atl, Ind, NYG)

I Bleed Navy + Orange 6-2 (Phi, Ind, Chi, Cin, SF, Atl, GB, NE)

Blogfader 5-2 (NE, Ind, Chi, SF, Cin, Dal, Was)

Ben in norcal 5-2 (Den, Cin, Hou, NE, Chi, NO, SD)

Enderwiggin 5-2 (TB, Bal, Ind, NYG, Chi, Hou, NYJ, Cle)

evantonio 4-2 (Jax, Buf, Cin, Bal, Hou, NYJ, Cle)

TheFifth 4-2 (Sea, SF, Chi, GB, Ind, SD)

jmcyclone 4-2 (NE, Buf, SF, Ari, Chi, Bal, Pit)

Bears-4-Ever 5-3 (NO, SF, Chi, Sea, Atl, Bal, GB, NYG)

#76 Mongo Murph 4-4 (Buf, Was, Det, Cin, Chi, Stl, NYJ, NO)

AlbertinTuscon 3-3 (NO, NE, Stl, GB, Min, Car)

Santa Claus Gave us a QB 2-2 (Min, Cin, Chi, NYG)

ChiRy 2-2 (Chi, Oak, TB, Atl)

PombeGeek 2-2 (GB, Min, Dal, Det)

Bearsssssssssssss 1-1 (SF, NYG)

Nagurski 1-1 (Buf, Sea)

Slsmth54 1-1 (Sea, Was)

Bigboar3 1-1 (ATL, Mia)

BearDown85 3-4 (Car, Bal, Ind, Chi, Ind, Stl, Sea)

FQD1911 3-4 (Ari, Car, Min, Oak, Chi, NO, Phi)

lindemrm 3-4 (Det, Ind, Min, SF, GB, NYG, SD)

DYLbear23 2-3 (Buf, Oak, Cin, NO, Ind)

JohnnyWad 3-5 (SF, Bal, NYJ, NYG, Ind, Oak, Chi)

MB30SD 3-5 (TB, NO, Chi, Atl, Was, Hou, Buf, Ind)

Shady 3-5 (Min, Ind, Stl, SD, Cin, Sea, Car, Dal)

Tobijohn 3-5 (Car, Oak, Ind, Atl, Chi, Ari, GB, Det)

Doc Nitty 34 3-5 (KC, Sea, Ind, Oak, Cin, Phi, Hou, NYG)

IrishSweetness 2-4 (Phi, Was, Cin, Chi, Min, Stl)

reprisal 2-4 (KC, Hou, Sea, Chi, Cin, Cle)

SC Dave 2-4 (Buf, Det, NE, TB, Stl, NO)

BigHurtNYC 2-5 (Car, Sea, NYJ, Den, Ari, Buf, Dal)

4ever85 (AKA Butch DeadLift) 2-5 (Det, Ind, Ari, Chi, Was, Oak, Ten)

CanadaBear 2-5 (KC, Hou, SF, Oak, GB, NYG, Atl)

NewBearinTown 1-2 (Cle, Dal, NYJ)

Michael L 1-4 (Hou, Jax, Den, SF, TB)

McFlipside 0-3 (Buf, Atl, Pit)

MikeBrownHadaPosse 0-4 (Det, Mia, Bal, Ind)

MattySouthside 0-4 (Det, Ind, Ari, Bal)



  • I would like Matt Cassel’s completion percentage. You must be within a single (1) point. Meaning if you select 50.5 you will be awarded a correct week for everything from 49.5 to 51.5.

My guess is 58.5%.