Wild Card Round Game Previews & Blog "Fantasy" Playoffs

| January 5th, 2012

I just like the photo above. A lot.

HOUSTON TEXANS over Cincinnati Bengals

Not to detract from what was a near-miraculous run for the Bengals this year but look at their schedule and you’ll notice something: they did not beat a single decent team all year. Reliant Stadium will be as raucous as its been since that brilliant victory over the Cowboys their first year and I can’t imagine Andy Dalton handling that atmosphere well. (I think Dalton’s year is a bit overrated.) Lots of Foster and Tate and just enough involvement from Andre Johnson. Texans 20, Bengals 16

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS over Detroit Lions

The most exciting and dynamic home offense in the sport against a defense that turned Matt Flynn into a multi-millionaire. I would be surprised if the Saints punt three times in this game. Saints 34, Lions 24

NEW YORK GIANTS over Atlanta Falcons

I think this is the best game of the weekend and I think it comes down to a single factor: can Michael Turner have success against the Giants front on first and second downs? If he can’t Matt Ryan will face the next wave of the New York Sack Exchange: Tuck, Osi, JPP. The run game works for Atlanta. They emphasize protection. Then they exploit huge mismatches with their wide receivers and tight end. Close win for the road dog. Falcons 23, Giants 20

Pittsburgh Steelers over DENVER BRONCOS

The Steelers won’t let Tebow run his silly offense and he’ll have to take shots down the field. He will. That won’t end well. Steelers have a hobbled quarterback, no running back and a deficient offensive line. I don’t care. Steelers 13, Broncos 3

And now the Fantasy Playoffs…


  • In the comments section below, select an offense, a defense and a special teams unit competing in the wild card round of the playoffs.
  • Once you select that unit they are ineligible to you for the remainder of the postseason.


  • The scoring is simple. Every point the unit scores is worth a point. Every point the unit allows is a point deducted.
  • If your offense scores a touchdown it is worth 6 points. If your offense throws a pick-six it is a minus 6 points. If your offense allows a safety it is -2. There is literally no other way for offense to score or lose points.
  • If your defense allows a touchdown it is worth -6 points. If your defense scores a touchdown it is 6 points. If your defense forces a safety it is worth 2 points. There is literally no other way for defense to score or lose points.
  • Special teams can score four ways: field goals are worth 3 points, extra points are 1 point, two-point conversions are worth 2 points and touchdowns are worth 6 points. Consequently those points will be deducted if scored against your special teams unit.
  • So if your offense scores 18 points, your defense scores -12 and your special teams scores 3 your total points for the week would be 9.


  • I will eliminate the bottom half of the standings after the wild card round.
  • If there is a tie at the halfway point, I will make a dictatorial decision.

The Prize:

  • You will be sent six (6) pizzas from Lou Malnati’s courtesy of DaBearsBlog. It is my way of saying thanks for a great a season.

My Entry:

  • Offense: Saints
  • Defense: Steelers
  • Special Teams: Texans

ALL SELECTIONS MUST BE IN BY KICKOFF OF THE FIRST GAME SATURDAY. NO LATE SELECTIONS WILL BE ADMITTED. (I will not be posting anything unless Bears make a surprisingly quick hire at OC or GM.)