54, an Ode

| May 22nd, 2013

A southwest safety
With a strange German name
Arrived in Chicago
Without much acclaim
We’d heard all the stories
The speed was unique
But his game on the gridiron
Was far from its peak

Conversion came quickly
The middle he’d fill
The land of Dick Butkus
And George comma Bill
The pressure ascended
The coverage immense
Could a New Mexico native
Man the Midway defense?

We knew from the outset
The fella could play
With Traylor and Washington
Blocking the way
From sideline to sideline
He sprinted with grace
His number fifty-four
Now filling the place

Each year came with memories
With moments of gold
As our dear fifty-four
Went from rookie to old
It’s hard to recap
All those moments right here
But since I’ve got time
What the hell, crack a beer

In 2001
The backer aimed to please
He took the ball from Alstott
Before Jauron took four knees
Later that year
In George W’s town
A punter called Brad
Threw our boy a touchdown

In 2004
With Lovie in place
A Packer fan’s cheese head
Melted onto his face
With Ahman Green looking
Like the NFL’s best
Brian jarred the skin loose
Mike Brown did the rest

In 2006
In his greatest of games
He wrestled the ball
From the sad Edgerinn James
The Bears won that night
A miracle? Sure.
But we know they are
Who Denny thought they were

There were so many moments
The moments passed quick
For the fella who chased down
One, Michael Vick
The jerseys will always be
On Lake Shore Drive
As the Urlacher legend
Continues to thrive

If only a title
If only a ring
That much deserved honor
For a footballing king
We always will miss him
The smiles, the scours
For we who bore witness
The honor was ours

Thank you, Brian Urlacher