A Quick Paragraph on Each NFC North Team

| March 18th, 2013

Green Bay Packers

Tom Crabtree is gone. Greg Jennings in gone. The Packers did not make a significant move to upgrade the running back position. But forgive me if I’m not sounding the “fade from glory” alarm for the club up in Green Bay just yet. The modern Pack regime does not make flashy moves in March. They make flashy plays on the field from September to December. They’ll restock their offensive artillery in late April and be a force to reckon with in the 2013 season.

Minnesota Vikings

I’ll say it: I think the Vikings are a 6-win team in 2013. They’re still starting Christian Ponder at QB and now are backing him up with the worse-than-Ponder Matt Cassel. Percy Harvin covered up Ponder’s flaws with his ability to convert the bubble screen into an 80-yard touchdown on a regular basis. Greg Jennings does not replace Harvin. He is a prototypical wide receiver and he’s never played with such mediocrity at the quarterback position. The only way Minnesota finds themselves in the postseason is if Adrian Peterson delivers ANOTHER all-world season.

Detroit Lions

Is their defense better? No? Then why would I care if they signed Reggie Bush. Points and yardage were not Detroit’s issue in 2012. They can’t stop anybody.