Analyzing the Schedules Down the Stretch in the NFC North

| November 26th, 2013


Five games remain for each of the teams battling to win the NFC North and earn a place in the tournament. Five games. So let’s take a look at them.


At Minnesota, home Dallas (Mon), at Cleveland, at Philly, home Green Bay


Home Green Bay, at Philly, home Baltimore, home New York Giants, at Minnesota


At Detroit, home Atlanta, at Dallas, home Pittsburgh, at Chicago


After looking at those fifteen games, how is it possible to argue Bears fans should be rooting for the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving?

All three of these teams are capable of losing all of their remaining games, especially if Aaron Rodgers continues to be sidelined with his broken collarbone and the Bears don’t receive reinforcements on the defensive side of the ball. But there is a good chance Detroit will be playing their final three games, two at home, against three teams who’ve cashed in their chips on the 2013 season. The Bears and Packers KNOW, if nothing else, they will be facing a grudge match the final week of the season.

And remember, Bears fans, Chicago must finish a game AHEAD of Detroit. They have no chance to win a tiebreaker with two head-to-head losses already in the books. Rationally speaking the Bears would rather be a half-game behind the first-place Packers heading into the final week of the season than tied for first place with the Lions at that same time. At least they would control their own destiny, at home, on the field. But either way they still need to be a game up on Detroit. Best get that out of the way quickly.

The Bears are not a Super Bowl contender. We all know that. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to listen to these dumbo fans who think losing for draft picks is a real thing in the NFL. Playoff games are the most thrilling thing about being an NFL fan. And you are wasting your time watching the NFL if you wouldn’t sign for a Bears game in January, even a blowout loss, right now.

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