Audibles From the Long Snapper: A Football Life, Trestman, CN

| February 15th, 2013

Walter Payton: A Football Life

It is wonderful. Here it is.

Marc Trestman Introduces Coaching Staff

I sent a pair of Tweets in the lead-up to Trestman’s formal introduction of his coaching staff to the media and fans Thursday. They were:

Marc Trestman introduces his coaching staff today. Couldn’t have less interest. Wake me up when he introduces his offensive line at camp.


Lions stink. Vikings relied upon arguably the greatest rushing season ever. Trestman & coaches have one team to beat. If they do, playoffs.

I don’t need to hear from Marc Trestman again until he’s coaching the men he believes will be primarily involved in the 2013 campaign. Trestman will be given some wiggle room as the new Bears coach but this is not a rebuilding venture. This is a team built for success this coming season and there will be no time for learning on the job.

DaBearsBlog & ChicagoNow

This website’s planner and delayed move away from ChicagoNow is being delayed a second time. I understand that for many of you this will be unwelcome news but my life at the moment – for entirely positive reasons – is not allowing me the time and energy required to launch the site independently. As we progress through the coming months there will be more updates but for now we’ll be living here at CN. As always, direct all complaints to jeff@dabearsblog. I’ll just keep writing the best material I can write.