Audibles From the Long Snapper: Heading Into the Bye

| October 22nd, 2013


Enough With the 2014 Draft Stuff…

We say it here all the time but NFL fans are guaranteed sixteen games a season. That’s all. And I will never understand these fans that seemingly can’t wait to give up on a current season and plan for the next. It won’t be happening here.

This is all supposed to be fun, folks. We’re supposed to enjoy the games. And even though a team is injury-riddled and more than likely not a title contender doesn’t means the remaining 9 contests should be ignored. Some of my favorite modern Bears games were played when the team was completely out of it! Adewale Ogunleye’s safety against the Titans in overtime, 2004. Edinger knocks the Lions out of the playoffs in 2000.

The Bears have a tough road coming but they still have a road. And I’m going along for the ride.

Ignore the Trade Market

Phil Emery was asked Monday if he considered making a trade to bolster his injury-riddled roster. From Adam Jahns in the Sun-Times:

The NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday. Emery said Monday at Halas Hall that he has looked into trades over the last couple of weeks but ‘‘we just haven’t found the ­correct combination of value and player exchange.’’

The Bears are going the next 4-6 weeks without their starting quarterback and best defensive player. Giving up a draft pick to band-aid an injury on defense just doesn’t make sense. The 2013 season is not salvageable on the defensive side of the ball. They just don’t have the horses. And the horses aren’t going to suddenly become available.

Male Jets Fans Punches Female Pats Fan

The Bears play at the Jets next season. I will certainly be there. And I get the feeling this guy will be less likely to hit a 6’4″ man.

Greatest Hit Ever Delivered By a Ball Carrier?

(Thanks to the Twitter feed of Dan Patrick Show producer Paul Pabst)

Trestman Involved in Nixing Cutler Negotiations?

Chris Wesserling’s report from NFL.com on Cutler’s pending contract situation was an absolutely mess. He basically wrote an article stating the Bears will look to move on from Cutler…except they won’t. He is so bold in his piece as to write the Bears may draft a quarterback…but they’ll probably keep Cutler next year too. Don’t these people have editors?

There is one line in this article that made my eyes jump out of my head. It’s almost a throwaway line but it’s HUGE story if it’s true.

It’s worth noting that Trestman reportedly played a key role in the decision to cancel contract talkswith Cutler during the offseason.

Reported by who? This has never been reported anywhere but anyone. Then I clicked the link and realized it was a flat-out lie. Trestman has never been implicated as having played a role in canceling Cutler negotiations. It was Trestman’s hiring that led to a delay in the process. Not the man himself.

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