Audibles From the Long Snapper: Hester, Real Bears, Gannon

| June 19th, 2013


There was talk across the NFL world this week the Bears are preparing to part ways with Devin Hester this summer. Here is a piece of an article from NFL.com:

¿Pero es un regresador de patadas que tiene garantizado su lugar en el plantel?

John Mullin de CSNChicago.com escribió que Hester está trabajando solo para tener el papel principal de regreso de patadas en las actividades del receso de temporada.

Otros jugadores como Earl Bennett han regresado patadas en las prácticas y el entrenador en jefe de los Bears, Marc Trestman, dijo que Hester está compitiendo para ganar el trabajo de regresador de patadas.

Got all that?

I am firmly against the Bears releasing Hester prior to the 2013 season for two reasons. (1) I think there is significantly more gas in the tank. (2) I think allowing Hester to free his mind of the offensive nonsense for the first time in a few years will return his focus to being the greatest kick returner in the history of the game.

And despite what many fans and media types believe, I believe seeing the #23 ready to receive a kick still makes opposing coaches nervous and all it will take is a return TD or two before punters starting booting balls out of bounds and kickoff men launch the squib party. Hester is as much a mental weapon for Chicago as a physical one.


…and this is my new favorite bear. Thanks to the folks over at Deadspin for posting this earlier in the week.


Just thought I’d share this quote from Moon’s recent column.

“I was fortunate,” Gannon said. “I worked with Marc a couple of different times. I worked with him early in my career in Minnesota and I had a chance to work with him again at a point in my career, where I was really having the most success.

“The big thing that I would encourage the quarterbacks is just get to know Marc on a personal level, on a professional level. Know why he’s calling plays in certain situations and the fact he’s going to put you in position to be very successful each week.”

I’ve written about it several times but it’s worth restating. The relationship between Cutler and Trestman will be the defining factor of the 2013 season. Everything else is secondary.