Audibles From the Long Snapper: Trestman, Cutler, Harbaugh, Grey Cup Video

| January 21st, 2013

Trestman Met With Cutler Pre-Hire

Adam Schefter Tweeted the following Sunday morning:

Bears QB Jay Cutler played a small part in Chicago’s HC interview process, meeting with Marc Trestman before he ultimately was hired.

If you don’t follow DaBearsBlog’s Twitter account (you should!) you missed my responses to the Tweet. Here they are:

(1) Either you believe in your quarterback (Cutler) or you don’t. No team ever wins consistently w/ shaky relationship between coach/GM & QB. (2) Whether or not you believe Cutler can lead Bears to playoffs consistently (I do) you must like Bears now operating with unified vision. (3) Will Bears suffer defensively? Answer: yes. Rod Marinelli fleeing proves the impact Lovie had on defensive side of ball. Irreplaceable. (4) Phil Emery is operating under assumption he can restock defensive pantry soundly enough for minimal hit on that side of ball. We wait & see.

 “The Harbaugh Mentality” Reaches Super Bowl

I wrote about it a week ago and it has come to fruition: “The Harbaugh Mentality” has led both brothers to be coaching in the Super Bowl. Two bits from that piece:

When Alex Smith suffered a concussion in November, Jim Harbaugh watched Colin Kaepernick shred the Chicago Bears – at that time the best defense in the league – on a remarkable Monday night. When Kaepernick won his second start against the New Orleans Saints, Harbaugh made the decision that the human tattoo parlor from Nevada, not the Utah game manager, would be his starting quarterback moving forward. It was not that Harbaugh did not believe Alex Smith was capable of winning games. Of course he is. But just winning games is not enough for teams and coaches with title aspirations.

John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens have title aspirations. And with three games to go in the regular they also had an offensive coordinator who’d lost the locker room, a majority of the fan base and his favorite bar stool at Bertha’s in Fells Point. Harbaugh’s Ravens were in the pole position for a division title but that wasn’t enough. Cam Cameron was fired Monday morning, December 10th.

Let’s hope Phil Emery’s decision to fire Lovie Smith pays the same dividends.

Journey to the Grey Cup?