Bears Can No Longer Play Defense, Spoil Courageous Offensive Effort.

| October 21st, 2013


Did you ever think the day would come? Did you ever think we’d be sitting here post game discussing an offense so good they can put up forty with a backup quarterback and a defense so bad they can’t make that number stick? Well that’s exactly where we are.

Rapid fire thoughts.

  • This is a bad defense. There’s no way around it. They don’ stop the run. They don’t stop the pass. And occasionally they leave miles and miles of space around opposing wide receivers.
  • Chris Conte isolated near the goal line on a play where the Bears were clearly lined up incorrectly?
  • Charles Tillman allowing a prayer bomb to be an easy touchdown?
  • Major Wright? At all times?
  • Bears are getting nothing in the pass rush from the defensive end position.
  • Losing Lance Briggs hurt but the defense wasn’t exactly playing well with him on the field.
  • Gutsy effort, Josh McCown.
  • Offensive stars showed their muscle today. Forte was brilliant. Trestman coached a magnificent second half. Marshall, Jeffery, Martellus and Earl covered for the loss of Cutler by upping their game. Today was the kind of game that reaffirms the need for an NFL organization to load up on offensive weaponry. With the right pieces in place a team can survive any injury on offense.
  • Devin Hester didn’t NEED blocking today! Side note on Hester: I don’t want to hear fans say he’s lost it anymore. If he’s lost it someone better tell the Bears’ opponents every week. They don’t buy it.
  • Robbie Gould picked the wrong moment to miss his first field goal.
  • The offside on the onside kick was a poor call. Mike Pereira coming on FOX and affirming that call was a bit of a joke.
  • I saw so many of the Bears’ beat writers criticizing Cutler for the interception on Twitter. Is that possible? What feed is being shown in the press box? Alshon Jeffery makes that catch fifteen out of sixteen times.

There is more details to analyze but right now the Bears season is about one thing: Cutler’s health status. If word comes down – as is expected – that he’s out for a long period of time the 2013 season becomes something of a lost cause. If the injury is less serious and Cutler can get back onto the field in fifteen days, there might be hope.

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