Bears, Cutler Pull Away from Browns Late: A Recap of the Rapid Fire Variety

| December 16th, 2013


Today’s post is dedicated to the memory of Peter O’Toole. For theatre folk, the O’Toole Hamlet is lore. That performance we all wish we saw.

Strange game. Nonsensical game. But these were my thoughts watching it live.

  • Jay Cutler was awful in the first half, prior to the final drive of the half. He made a poor decision on the first interception and a series of overthrows subsequently. But the way he regrouped and played late was a testament to his guts. It was impressive. And his honesty in the post-game presser was downright refreshing. I thought all week this was the most pressure-packed game of Cutler’s career. He played that way for thirty minutes. He was wonderful for the other thirty.

  • There were a few moments when I said aloud, “Atta boy, Bostic.” That seems to be a new thing.
  • I don’t know how well Tim Jennings played but Josh Gordon being a non-factor has to be credited to someone, right?
  • Where is the Bears pass rush? Why is Julius Peppers now the most feast or famine player in the sport?
  • I guess Devin Hester isn’t done, huh?
  • Or Michael Bush.
  • Does Mel Tucker have as little faith in Major Wright as the rest of us? It almost seems he’s being coached out of plays.
  • I don’t get the Bears insistence on a power running game. They do not have the physicality up front to manhandle opposing defensive lines. Yet they insist on calling plays as if they do.
  • Bears coverage units have improved dramatically.
  • So much ugliness associated with Sunday’s game. Pre-snap penalties were a joke. Holds on field goal attempt? Martellus Bennett fumbling for a touchdown. Bears did everything possible to lose Sunday. They deserved to lose. But their talent won. Phil Emery won.
  • Zack Bowman, ballhawk?
  • Alshon Jeffery is a superstar. His miraculous catches are no longer surprising.
  • Love the way Earl Bennett has worked his way into the offense over the last four weeks. He’s a perfect underneath compliment to the physical presence outside with Marshall and Jeffery. If the Bears could only add a Devin Hester-type, speed threat to the mix they’d be quite close to unstoppable.
  • Sure seemed Josh Gordon wasn’t interested in being hit.
  • What was Chris Conte thinking on the Gordon TD late? I’ll accept answers via email. The only thing he can’t do on that play is let Gordon behind him and he almost seemed thrilled to let Gordon go by.
  • When did the Bears stop being able to recover fumbles? It seems they force one a week that gets kicked around and recovered by the opponent. Lord.

All in all, a terrific win. And pressure moves squarely to Detroit tomorrow night.

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