Bears Finally Win at Lambeau. Rapid Fire.

| November 5th, 2013


Here’s what I don’t understand.

On both NFL Network and ESPN in the aftermath of the Bears remarkable victory at Lambeau Field Monday night the words “luck” and “asterisk” and “gift” were stated. Why? Because the Green Bay Packers were forced to play with their backup quarterback.

Against the Chicago Bears. And their backup quarterback. Seems silly.

This was a tremendous victory for the Bears. This was an inspiring performance from the Bears. Here are my rapid fire thoughts.

  • Shea McClellin spent two weeks being trashed on local radio stations and in the newspapers. He responded to that trashing by delivering his finest performance in two years, including a hit to quite possibly end the Packers 2013 hopes.
  • Same can be said for Julius Peppers. When it was needed he delivered a star performance.
  • This was a crowning evening for Marc Trestman. The fourth quarter, game-icing driving was a masterwork and belongs in the Art Institute.
  • I didn’t love the play call but I loved the call by Trestman to go for it on fourth down. If your offense can’t get an inch or two, the games deserves to be lost.
  • When the quarterback is down the skill players around him need to compensate. Marshall, Jeffery, Martellus and Forte were magnificent.
  • I can’t imagine there’s a worse run defense in the NFL than the one in Chicago. I have never seen a lead block run through a hole have to look around for someone to block. Happened last night. (Thanks to @johnfhagan for the image.)


  • I also can’t imagine there’s a pair of starting safeties playing at a lower level than Wright and Conte, especially in run defense. No use in embellishing. It’s been happening every week. And something must be done.
  • Add a blocked punt to Joe DeCamillis’ thrilling 2013 special teams resume. It may be unfair to blame Joe D for Dante Rosario’s missed block but that is surely what will be happening in the days to come.
  • Robert Garza looked overmatched last night.
  • So did Jordan Mills at time but the Bears are doing the right thing sticking with him. Mills shows flashes of being a dominant right tackle.
  • Josh McCown wasn’t just good Monday night. He was sensational. Extending plays with his legs. Executing smartly within the structure of the offense. And making a special, Eli Manning-esque touchdown toss to Brandon Marshall early.

I’ll be re-watching the game today and posting more detailed thoughts then. Monday night was a huge victory for the Chicago Bears. It hit the reset button on their 2013 campaign.

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