Bears Move to 2-0 (Somehow). Rapid Fire.

| September 16th, 2013

Live Sports Bar Audio! This is what a girlfriend (not mine) sounds like when she’s mad about Christian Ponder:

The Bears played like a team that deserved to lose on Sunday. But since they won, here are my winning thoughts:

  •  Jay Cutler played the kind of game that is going to drive us all crazy. He was awful and brilliant. That’s him. Get used to it. But we should also get used Jay Cutler being the quarterback we want with the ball in his hands and the clock winding down. He’s frustrating but there are few players as entertaining.
  • For those of you who’ve killed Devin Hester in the comments below (you know who you are) you can send your apologies to me at YOU.DID.THE.SAME.THING.TO.PEANUT.TILLMAN.LAST.YEAR@DaBearsBlog.com. Hester still has every bit of his genius and he could have scored twice Sunday. Bears lose Sunday if Hester isn’t on the team.
  • Sometimes praising Adam Podlesh can lead to Adam Podlesh showing up. A 26 yard punt?
  • Joe DeCamillis may get put on the clock by Bears fans sooner than he thinks. The Soldier Field faithful have gotten used to exemplary special teams units under Dave Toub and they won’t take kindly to allowing kick return touchdowns… ESPECIALLY on home soil.
  • Tim Jennings looks lost on half of his snaps. The other half he’s creating turnovers.
  • Still very little coming off the edge from McClellin, Wootton and Peppers. This will start being a concern with deep passing opponents on the horizon.
  • Spectacular performance from Martellus Bennett. Phil Emery’s offseason gets better by the day.
  • Semi-spectacular performance from Lance Briggs. It seemed the defensive captain was the ringleader of the stop Adrian Peterson brigade.
  • I was confused. Here’s the Weems report from Dan Wiederer: “Allow us to explain. Bears special teamer Eric Weems drew plenty of ire from confused fans in the second quarter when he dove into a loose ball near his end zone after a Vikings punt was originally touched at the 1 by the Vikings’ Marcus Sherels. By rule, once Sherels touched the ball, Weems’ botched attempt to scoop the ball could not have resulted in a fumble. When Weems knocked the ball into the end zone, the Vikings’ Robert Blanton tried recovering it but knocked it out of the end zone for a touchback. Had the Vikings not touched the ball again, the Bears would have been pinned at their own 1.”
  • When I watch the tape I am going to focus on Bushrod v. Allen. The fact that Allen did not dominate proceedings should prove Bushrod had a solid afternoon but it seemed Cutler was under significant pressure most of the afternoon.
  • Anybody else get the sense the Bears have not tapped into the Matt Forte well yet? It seems Trestman is still trying to figure the best way to utilize his unique skill set. I expect that when this relationship hits its stride so will the Bears offense.
  • I loved Stephen Paea’s pregame dance ritual. Felt like I was watching an international rugby match. Juiced me up.
  • Quietest addition of note: Tony Fiammetta. Fullback love from DaBearsBlog.

Nothing else burst off the screen to me Sunday in what was as frustrating and exhilarating a game as I can remember. Will look at the game again this afternoon and – of course – will provide more thoughts straight through Wednesday. For now the Bears are 2-0.