Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: A Different Kind of Game Preview

| November 29th, 2013


For years I have written game previews and for years I’ve picked the Bears every week. But I think the more attentive readers of the site understand I give multiple clues in the previews when I don’t ACTUALLY think the Bears will win. (As much as I’d like to see it happen I have never predicted the Bears to win 16 games.) A week ago, against the Rams, I could have populated Da Bear Concerns with eleven different elements and said during my appearance on 1490 the Jock in Des Moines I believed St. Louis was a match-up nightmare for Chicago. They were. Losing that game could not have surprised me less.

Sadly, the same goes for Sunday’s contest in Minnesota. I can’t make a single, plausible argument for the Bears defense containing Minnesota’s offense. And Minnesota’s offense isn’t very good. When these two teams played the last time the Bears only allowed 16 offensive points. But that was before this unit collapsed completely. Last week the Vikings ran the ball 40 times for more than 200 yards. Why would anyone expect a different approach this week? Why would you not expect BETTER results for Minnesota?

Why, oh why, do I like the Chicago Bears this week?


But I do not like the Chicago Bears defense. You name the player on the Vikings offense and I will give you a half dozen reason he can be successful Sunday. We all made a big deal about the Bears porous rush defense but when they had the Rams in advantageous down-and-distance Sunday Kellen Clemens was able to chuck the ball to wide open receivers and tight ends all over the field for massive gains. It hasn’t just been a failure in run support. It’s been across the board.

No, I like the Chicago Bears this week because I like their ability to score a lot of points against this Vikings defense. The writing is on the wall for Josh McCown and it was written by Jay Cutler during his appearance with Waddle & Silvy on ESPN radio this week. The starting QB intends to return for the Cowboys on Monday night, December 9th. And the Vikings have given up the most points in the NFL this year. If this season is going to be salvaged it is going to be salvaged by the best players on the Chicago Bears: McCown, Forte, Marshall, Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and the offensive line. They have no other choice.

Chicago Bears 38, Minnesota Vikings 30

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