Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Game Thread

| December 1st, 2013


Bye bye Metrodome. Here were my Quick Hits on Twitter from yesterday:

Quick hits for Bears v Vikings. #1 of 5. Bears need to dominate offensively & force Minnesota to throw. Keep Podlesh on the bench 1st half.

#2 of 5. Trest can say all he wants about run fits but safeties are reason the 6 yd run is going for 60. 1 bad Conte angle = 6 AP points.

#3 of 5. Bears gave Minnesota 14 defensive/special teams pts the first go-round. Need a clean sheet from both departments.

#4 of 5. I can see Christian Ponder rolling casually to his right & hitting the TE for a meaningful 1st down. McClellin/Woot can’t let him.

#5 of 5.Time for Bostic & Greene to grow up. Play aggressive, violent yet disciplined game. Watch some Singletary tape. Or just ask Briggs.

One more week without the game chat. Live in the comments, my friends!

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