DaBearsBlog is On Vacation!

| May 7th, 2013

For the next two weeks both myself and the Official Girlfriend of DaBearsBlog will be gallivanting joyously up and down the state of California.

Two things.

  1. Unless something earth shattering happens (and I’m not sure what that could be in May) there will most likely not be a post on this site between now and Sunday May 19th. Should the Bears cut Devin Hester or sign Jay Cutler to a lucrative contract extension or annex themselves to a new league, it will be represented on this site by an audio monologue from a fella we all know and love called the Reverend.
  2. We’ve received some stories of varying value but we need more! Everyone has a story to tell about their support of their favorite team. So go to the original post by CLICKING HERE and submit your tale.

And as always, I will be up and about on Twitter over the next couple weeks. It is pretty damn easy to follow me on Twitter. Do it now. RIGHT HERE.