Eight Valid Questions to Ask as Training Camp Opens

| July 26th, 2013

Training camp begins at 9 AM this morning. Here is a list of questions a Bears fan might be asking as the 2013 campaign begins. (The questions are easy. The answers will be far harder to come by.)

  1. Will Jon Bostic or Khaseem Greene work their way into the starting lineup at linebacker or will the one-year veterans hold serve at the position?
  2. Will Devin Hester display the cheetah-beatah burst he’s been personally lauding to anyone who’ll listen?
  3. Will the new marriage of Trestman and Cutler be one without contentious on-field moments?
  4. Will there be a real battle at right tackle between Jonathan Scott and J’Marcus Webb? Will Webb’s demotion to the right side motivate him to stay out of the McDonald’s drive-thru and use his abilities to be a successful offensive lineman?
  5. Will Bears defenders adapt to the play calls coming from Mel Tucker and the in-huddle calls coming from Lance Briggs? There has been a leadership change at the top of the organization but there’s been just as significant a change in the defensive huddle.
  6. Will Brandon Hardin stay healthy and challenge the Wright/Conte combination for playing time?
  7. Will Jordan Mills, Cornelius Washington or Marquess Wilson become the player the beats start Tweeting about as “one to watch”? (James Brown was this guy last year.)
  8. The only question that matters. Will everyone stay healthy?

Let’s be honest, I only care about #8. What am I missing? You add more.