Guest Reverend's Rant & Four Weekend Gambling Ideas

| January 12th, 2013

Last weekend I took a shot with the Cincinnati Bengals and they let me down. All four games were covered by the favorites and all four games failed to hit the over. (Read: Vegas took a bath.) This weekend I present a bet for every game. One bet – prop or otherwise – to keep you excited about the prospect of making some money this weekend.

Ravens under 17.5 vs. Broncos

Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense flung the ball all over the field, at home, against a pretty terrible Colts defense and scored 24 in the win. Now they’ll travel to Denver, into the altitude, against the NFL’s best edge rushers down the stretch. The Ravens had no answer for Robert Mathis a week ago and they’ll have none for Miller and Dumervil this week.

Packers at Niners – First Score of Game – FG or Safety (+125)

Someone in Vegas has determined it is more likely for this contest to open its scoring with a touchdown than a field goal. I have to believe this has much to do with the fact that the kicking will be done by Mason Crosby or David Akers/Ryan Longwell. I’m not scared away. And if I can get the + from Vegas for an opening FG I am ALWAYS going to take it.

Seattle at Atlanta – Over 46 Points

Can Atlanta stop the run on early downs? Not particularly well. Can they rush the quarterback? Not particularly well. Does Seattle have an answer on their roster to contain Tony Gonzalez, a player who I believe will be possessed en route to what he believes is his finest chance for a title? No. There will be points in Atlanta and I think more than 50 of em. (I think it’s a 27-24 kinda game.)

New England -9 Houston

Here’s why I am going with the Pats and the points: I think New England is a terrific team and I think Houston – after starting 11-1 – stinks. Brady could throw for 450 Sunday afternoon.