Hard to Be a Saint in the City: New Orleans at Chicago Game Thread

| October 6th, 2013

REMINDER! DABEARSBLOG IS MOVING! We are leaving ChicagoNow effective November 1st. We will be housed exclusively at www.dabearsblog.com from that date (and perhaps sooner) on. 

Three final thoughts on today’s game:

  • Don’t discount the importance of the Saints not having a running attack. I can’t see Brees dropping back, throwing it forty-plus times and managing to keep the Bears offense from scoring. Reggie Bush was the reason Detroit controlled the Bears for two and a half quarters. 
  • Been spoking of to death but Bears need a pass rush today. Without a pass my prediction of thirty points might not be enough. They may need forty.
  • Good news. After a lengthy session with Noah yesterday I am pleased to announce the new and far improved DBB will be ready for action well ahead of the November 1 deadline.  We’re sticking with that date to attempt a seamless transition.

Bearing down is the new twerking.