Jordan Mills (5th Rd) Thinks He's the Starting Right Tackle

| April 27th, 2013

I credit Jordan Mills, the fifth-round left tackle out of Louisiana Tech, for his boldness. For his tenacity. For his self-confidence. He told the Chicago media the Bears offensive line is “Bushrod on one side, me on the other.”

Does this spell the end for JWebb Nation?

Here is the full text from Adam Jahns of the Sun-Times:

“I know they’ve got Jay Cutler,” Mills said on a conference call. “I know they’ve got Devin Hester, a beast of a wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. I know they just got the tackle from New Orleans, [Jermon] Bushrod. With him on the left side and me on the right side, that’s going to be a line to reckon with.

“And me with [first-round pick] Kyle Long, seeing him at the combine and I got to talk to him also, this offensive line is going to be good.”