Marc Trestman Suggests Shea May Not Be Exclusively DE

| February 21st, 2013

Marc Trestman delivered this morning the type of press conference that will come to define the Phil Emery era in Chicago. It was bland. It revealed nothing. It utilized a bunch of a buzz words and corporate-speak phraseology befitting a man known for his football intellect.

Most importantly was Trestman’s answer when asked if Shea McClellin will remain a defensive end in 2013: uh…maybe?  (Side note: Phil Emery later said Shea will remain at defensive end.)

While many around Chicago would like to see Shea McClellin as heir apparent to the Urlacher throne I would prefer to see McClellin given an opportunity to thrive at 4-3 defensive end – a position he’s truly only played for one season. Middle linebacker is a hallowed role in the city of Chicago but the ability to rush the passer is the key to success in the modern NFL. Having a B+ edge rusher outweighs an A- middle man.

So…open debate. Where do you want to see Shea McClellin in 2013?