Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Game Thread

| September 15th, 2013

Final note on today’s game:

It is far too early in the season to regard a ballgame as “must win” and Adrian Peterson is quite capable of wrecking the afternoon by simply being untacklable. But this is a game the Bears need to win. The conference is loaded. The division is semi-loaded. As they find themselves in a playoff race come December, the Bears will rue a loss in mid-September to a touchdown underdog with an uber-inferior quarterback.

They should win comfortably. The need to win period.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the final note:

Why in God’s name are the Bears and the city allowing the University of Illinois to play a game at Soldier Field last night? The Bears have a bye week and eight road games this season. They already have one of the diciest surfaces in the sport. Did it really need four quarters of wear and tear sixteen hours before kickoff?

Side note: I will withdraw this criticism entirely if Adrian Peterson losing his footing a few times.

It definitely wasn’t the final note:

Weather looks to be a factor today, with rain forecasted from about 12:30 pm CT on. Two thoughts: (1) A premium is now placed on running the football and that could benefit the Vikings. (2) It will make it more difficult to hold onto the football so Christian Ponder might want to ignore whatever receiver is near Charles Tillman.

Bear down.