More Camp Thoughts (And Things I’ve Already Tweeted)

| August 20th, 2013

I try not to write full columns during the preseason for a lot of reasons. This week’s excuse is I’m currently 3 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and one  of the best public golf courses in the country. So, really? The preseason? After Friday night’s exhibition we begin the sprint to the real deal and the real Jeff Hughes stands up.

Here’s what I’m thinking about as we get there.

  • I love Marc Trestman making it clear to the media that not only will Jay Cutler sit the fourth preseason game, Josh McCown will as well. How does the NFL continue the utter charade of these games when one of its premier organizations has decided the contest is not worth risking Josh McCown? You, the fans, will be forced to pay the absurd ticket prices for a valueless product featuring Jordan Palmer and Trent Edwards – two men who’ll have the same number of completions this season as Jeff Joniak. You will pay for the parking passes and beers and beef sandwiches at a non-discounted rate. You will believe the media and league-created hype about roster spots and “important” reps and tune in on local TV and some – the particularly crazy among you – will buy the NFL.com package allowing you watch a wide range of meaningless material. I am just glad Trestman isn’t perpetuating this sham.
  • J’Marcus Webb taking a pay cut wasn’t a signal his days with the Bears are numbered. It seemed more a signal Halas Hall and Webb’s people have determined an actual value for his ability/role and settled on it. Barring a miraculous comeback by Jonathan Scott from injury in the next week, Webb is going to be the flex tackle for the Bears and his experience on both sides makes him the best choice by far.
  • Everybody knows I’ll never get credit for endorsing the Kyle Long pick from second one, right? Matt Bowen (who I like), Hub Arkush (who I don’t) and all the draft sites killed the pick. I’m going to try and only bring it up sporadically.
  • And while I am confident Kyle Long is going to be a terrific guard, he’s got a rookie wake-up call named Geno Atkins waiting for him on opening day.
  • How come the big talk of last summer was the lack of depth at the safety position and this year no one’s brought it up? The Bears have the exact same depth at safety unless you think Tom Zbikowski is some kind of asset.
  • I kinda wish Jon Bostic didn’t make that brutal hit in the second meaningless game because it distracted fans from what was otherwise a rather shaky outing. Bostic is going to be a fine player and the Bears should let him make his mistakes on the field but he’s certainly not there yet.
  • Devin Hester looks like he has the burst back in the return game. How long till the Bears have him playing wide receiver again?
  • Weems! (I just like yelling that.)
  • Joe D’s comments sure make it sound like he’s finding a role on the roster for Michael Ford. Armando Allen’s injury may have come at the worst possible time for his Bears career.
  • McClellin, Jeffery, Frey, Long, Bostic, Mills. Six picks from Emery’s first two drafts are projected week one starters.

We’ll have a game thread Friday night and a wrap-up column for the weekend.