Packers Day

| November 4th, 2013

They happen once a year, at most, these days. Days where I wish I had one of those put on pants and go to an office jobs. Because if I had one of those alarm-goes-off-at-7:01, hate my boss gigs I would at least be able to pass the time on a Monday with the Bears playing the Packers at Lambeau on Monday night.

Instead I’ll walk around. Write a bunch. Listen to way too many national analysts explain why Aaron Rodgers is going to dice up the Bears defense and leave their season at the side of a Green Bay road. I’ll probably jump on with my buddies Trent and Marty in Des Moines and have my first beer when it’s five o’clock somewhere but not five o’clock here.

Bears fans will be nervous but they need to take a valium and relax. Tonight is a fun game if you’re a Bears fan. The pressure is entirely on the other guys. There’s nothing to lose. The upside of a win far surpasses the downside of a loss. And from a fan perspective, the stage is set for a the type of win you’ll remember for years to come.

So get through the day. I know it won’t be easy but, hey, nothing is any more.

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