Questions Following the Third Meaningless Game

| August 24th, 2013

Friday night’s Bears v. Raiders was rendered particularly meaningless by the ineptitude of the the Oakland roster. I don’t value the events of preseason much at all but is that really the extent of the Raiders team? I was set to pick the Jets as the winner of the Clowney sweepstakes but I am flip-flopping.

Pertinent questions from last night:

  1. Is Marquess Wilson going to make the 53-man roster? You rarely see a seventh-round selection given first team reps in the preseason unless the coaching staff intends to carry him on the roster. Was this simply to compensate for the absence of Earl Bennett or is this going to be the surprise development of camp?
  2. Has Michael Ford done enough to usurp Armando Allen on the depth chart?
  3. Do the Bears survey the cuts landscape for a viable backup quarterback option or are they committed to this Josh McCown stuff? McCown is not a viable NFL quarterback.
  4. Fendi Onobun can’t catch. Can the Bears really keep a tight end who can’t catch on the roster?
  5. If Jonathan Scott finds his health in the next week or two is there a spot on this roster for J’Marcus Webb? Webb has been relatively unimpressive in his work with the 2’s over the last few preseason games. (I never thought Webb wouldn’t make the team. Now I’m not so sure. Word out of Bears camp is they want Scott on this team.)
  6. When will my love affair with Kyle Long – which began prior to draft night – end? I love the way this kid plays football. Bears haven’t had an interior lineman this ferocious since the late 80s.
  7. I assume the Joe Anderson stuff is over?

Monday comes my 50 ruminations and predictions column. It’s ridiculously long.