Rapid Fire Reactions to the Second Meaningless Game

| August 16th, 2013

The second meaningless game is in the books. Here are some thoughts of varying importance. (The thoughts vary from completely unimportant to mildly unimportant.)

Note: This is a long piece and will hopefully sustain the end til middle of next week. Starting then, I return to daily writing here on da blog.

  • I have respect for all the things Chris Berman has done in the world of sports. He is a seminal figure in the emergence of ESPN as the most powerful entity in the world of sports. But I find him the most irritating thing in the universe and he makes me want to throw things at cats in my neighborhood.
  • I have written it a zillion times but I’ll write it again. This offense will revolve around Matt Forte, not Cutler.
  • Cutler looked too reliant on Brandon Marshall but that’s to be expected in their first “game” action of 2013. It’s not just going to go away. Cutler won’t start looking elsewhere until he’s comfortable in the new offensive structure and that may take a few months.
  • This was a bad night to evaluate the skill players outside of Marshall and Forte but I thought Eric Weems looked more comfortable at wide receiver than he did a year ago.
  • Michael Ford is an interesting player. He looks fully capable of backing up Devin Hester in the return game and stepping into the third running back role. If he shows Joe D he can make a few tackles on specials I can’t seem him being cut.
  • Kyle Long and Jordan Mills are going to be the starting right side of the offensive line come September.
  • J’Marcus Webb did not play particularly well but I can’t foresee him not making this roster. His experience on both sides of the offensive line make him an asset as the flex tackle.
  • I know DJ Williams is off the field with an injury but the Bears are crazy if they don’t put Jonathan Bostic in the middle to start the season. There is too much there to waste it on the bench.
  • Matt Blanchard is not very good. Might he be very good at some stage? No. Might he be serviceable? Yes. But the Bears aren’t risking much by carrying two quarterbacks. (Blanchard’s injury may have made it easy for the Bears to dump him onto IR and continue his development without utilizing a roster spot.)
  • I won’t get goofy about Corey Wootton and Shea McClellin but they sure look like NFL pass rushers.
  • JT Thomas is one of those players who jumps off the preseason screen. But the numbers game does not work in his favor. Williams, Anderson, Briggs, Costanzo, Bostic and Greene are on this roster. Thomas is a long shot but if I’m the Bears I find him a role on specials and let him make plays.
  • Sure doesn’t seem like Tom Zbikowski has much of a chance to make roster. He looked like he was running at half speed. I got that career wrong.
  • Has anybody seen Brandon Hardin?

Ultimately, the game was a wild success because no one of consequence left injured. Now begins the over-emphasis on….wait for it…THE THIRD PRESEASON GAME! IT’S SO IMPORTANT! IT’S A DRESS REHEARSAL! It is just as meaningless as the rest of em and should have the same goal: no injuries.