Rapid Fire Response to the Bears Victory over Ravens

| November 18th, 2013


So the Bears won. After hours of delay due to a possible tornado, the Bears won. What did I think of the game? I thought it was one of the gutsiest wins in recent memory. Here are my other thoughts:

  • Josh McCown showed his limitations Sunday, unable to get the ball to the hands of his big receivers in the endzone. McCown played solidly, again, but doesn’t have much in the arm department.
  • Brandon Marshall may have played his worst game as a Bear.
  • Alshon Jeffery is a wonderful player but his drops are becoming a storyline.
  • Corey Wootton belongs inside, Mel Tucker. He’s developing into quite the three-technique.
  • I’m not sure Jon Bostic isn’t going to be a great player.
  • Nice work by Julius Peppers. He didn’t play a dominant game but he showed up.
  • Zack Bowman was awful, start to finish. How many penalties do you need to commit on special teams before you stop playing special teams?

  • I’l give him credit: I thought Adam Podlesh punted well.
  • Great kick in overtime, Robbie Gould.
  • Donte Rosario, nice block.
  • Too many pre-snap penalties on the defensive side of the ball. I don’t understand them. Why is a defensive line jumping offside when they have no chance to get to the QB?
  • Chris Conte stinks.
  • Major Wright was barely visible.
  • Did you not think the Bears would miss Charles Tillnabn?
  • David Bass deserves all the credit in the world. Without that pick six there is no game.

We’ll come back with far more info as the week goes on. But this is charity week at DBB. And we’ll spend a lot of time on charitable causes.

This was a bold win by the Bears. A defiant win. An impressive win. If you don’t understand that, you are lost. The Bears are now contenders for the division title and postseason because they won this game.

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