Rapid Fire Responses to a Disappointing Bears Loss

| November 11th, 2013


The Bears had an opportunity Sunday to seize control of the NFC North and ignite the fan base for a stretch run. Instead the left the game on the field. No other way to say it. A few thoughts…

  • Trestman’s fourth-and-one go was fine by me but both the play call there and on the final two-point conversion seem so bland for a play-caller with this many weapons at his disposal. Yes, the Bears offensive line is significantly improved but to attack the heart and only real strength of the Lions defense (interior defensive line) seems misguided.

  • Also didn’t like Trestman’s logic. Per Rich Campbell: “Trestman went for it on 4th-and-1 in the first half b/c he sensed a shootout in the making. Should’ve kicked the FG. That’s mismanagement.” You don’t coach the game you expect. You coach the game in front of you.
  • Alshon Jeffery is becoming a start wide receiver. But he need only to have looked onto the opposing sideline to see what a start wide receiver does with an opportunity to win a game. If Jeffery makes those catches, nobody (including me) is talking about Cutler post-game.
  • The only holds I ever criticize are holds like Matt Slauson’s Sunday. He is five yards away from the play there. No need for it.
  • I watched how Rob Ryan defend Dez Bryant last night and I was envious. I watched how Bill Belichick defended Jimmy Graham was I was envious. I will never understand how Mel Tucker decided to play Calvin Johnson Sunday. Even with Charles Tillman, you can not allow Johnson to be soloed in the end zone. Ever. Especially two or three times. Let Pettigrew catch 10 balls. Let Fauria beat you in the seam. Give up yardage on the screen game. Just don’t let the best receiver in the sport win one-one-ones. Tucker did.
  • Thought both Jermon Bushrod and Jordan Mills missed key block outside on Matt Forte pitches and prevented big plays in the run game.
  • Bears can’t stop the run. That’s just official.
  • Corey Wootton hasn’t put it all together inside yet but if I’m the Bears I put a few pounds on him this offseason and commit to the development. He has a few explosive plays inside almost weekly.
  • Nice game for Chris Conte. Not a great game but a nice one. Solid pass defended on Calvin Johnson and return off the gift INT. But the run angles. Just…awful.
  • Major Wright can’t be long for the starting lineup. What harm could it do putting Steltz out there next Sunday? Isn’t it time to at least send a struggling player a message?
  • Adam Jahns Tweeted me Jon Bostic plays “naturally violent”. Perfect words.
  • (Side note: I currently have good relationships with beat writers at BOTH dailies. This is an absolute first!)
  • This was a game where one would expect – due to injury – Cutler would embrace the system and attack the Lions underneath. He just doesn’t seem comfortable playing that type of game. Lions also did a nice job containing the screens to both Forte and Martellus.
  • Adam Podlesh isn’t good. And he’s not getting better.
  • Has any kicker as good as Robbie Gould ever been as bad at onside kicks? He doesn’t even give the Bears a chance for recoveries. Maybe just work on THAT this off-season? I mean, what else is there to work on?
  • Every time I see the opposing gunner on punts split the two Bears blockers with ease and run unabated towards Devin Hester, I shake my head.
  • James Anderson started this season brilliantly. He’s been invisible for five weeks.
  • The interception at the end of the first half is just a gut punch for the Bears. Absolute gut punch. At worst they are headed into the locker room up 10-7 and controlling the game.

Bears now host the Baltimore Ravens and travel to St. Louis. If they have real designs on the making the postseason you would have to think they need both.

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