Rapid Reactions to Pre-Camp Press Conferences

| July 24th, 2013

Moon Over Blog Post!

GM Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman addressed the media today in Bourbonnais. I watched them speak. Here’s what I thought:

  •  Marc Trestman made his first brilliant decision as Bears head coach. He put on a hat.
  • Emery acknowledges a number of expiring contracts in 2013 but does not anticipate any extensions until the end of this campaign. That includes Jay Cutler, Peanut Tillman…etc. This is news, I guess.
  • Lance Briggs asking to make defensive calls a “sign of leadership” to Emery. I always believed Briggs would not only get over the absence of Brian Urlacher but would relish the opportunity to make this defense his own. It’s happening.
  • It is very clear that Kyle Long has made a wonderful first impression on the organization. (I was sold on him in March.)
  • Trestman’s introductory press conference was defined by his awe and humility. That has been replaced by confidence now. Who knows how his tenure will proceed but the man believes he’s going to do quite well.
  • Trestman is obsessed with tempo. He wants this team to play fast. Lovie Smith always wanted the same but you got the sense he was only referring to the defense. Trestman is discussing everyone.
  • Trestman is not detail-oriented. He is detail-obsessed. He just laid out the first few days of practice in mind-bogglingly boring detail.
  • Emery says the entirety of the Bears roster has been medically cleared to practice Friday. That has to be a rare thing for an NFL team heading into camp. Can’t remember last time the Bears were in this situation.
  • Trestman says Cutler has improved “at every level”. The coach also admits they reviewed Cutty’s fundamentals – an element of his game that needed to be refined.
  • Trestman knows the mechanics of quarterbacking. It is obviously where he gets most excited about the inner-workings of football.
  • Trestman moving the practices to the morning is about simulating the experience of the 12 PM kickoff time in-season. Believes the body needs to be acquainted to being ready to go early in the morning.

I like these two, Emery and Trestman. I will be interested to see how this thing rolls out in September.