Reactions to Brian Urlacher on Waddle & Silvy

| January 29th, 2013

If you haven’t had an opportunity to hear Brian Urlacher’s open, honest interview on Waddly & Silvy yesterday – give it a listen. You can do so by CLICKING HERE. Here are my reactions to the spot:

  •  I don’t know why but it always surprises when players admit to their complete ambivalence when it comes to issues with potentially drastic impacts on their lives and career. Urlacher said he didn’t follow the Bears coaching search and displayed a sort of apathetic ignorance when it came to Marc Trestman AND defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. Is it really possible Urlacher cared this little?
  • Marc Silverman asked a nice question: would Urlacher have preferred following Lovie to his next destination should his former coach have landed a gig? Urlacher didn’t hesitate in saying no. He followed shortly with a line that rang true, “Chicago is my home.”
  • He did admit that were the Bears not to engage him on a possible contract Lovie would have been appealing for system reasons.
  • I should have opened with this point but I expected nothing less: Urlacher is healthy and wants to play. He’s currently training in Arizona.
  • Urlacher will offer the Bears a “hometown discount” as he understands his age and health limitations. I’ve always contended Urlacher is well aware his value is greater in Chicago than any other location in the NFL. He admitted he will not make what he previously made.

Here’s what I came away with after listening to Urlacher: if Phil Emery wants him to be the Bears middle linebacker in 2013, he will be the Bears middle linebacker in 2013. I hope it comes to pass.