Reverend's Rant & Wild Card Weekend Game Threads

| January 5th, 2013

The following are my selections for wild card weekend – against the spread, of course.

Cincinnati +4.5 HOUSTON

I am sure the whole world will be turning on the Texans after their miserable finish to the 2012 season…and I’m one of them. I hate this Texans team and I don’t trust their head coach (Kubiak) or defensive coordinator (Wade) or quarterback (Schaub) to win when the spotlight is brightest. If the Texans can’t get their run game ramped up they have no chance and I think Geno Atkins will revel in the national spotlight he desperately deserves. Bengals 24, Texans 16

GREEN BAY -7.5 Minnesota

Forgone conclusion. Now that the Bears (and me personally) have no stake in the Packers winning they will beat the tar out of the Vikings and shut down Adrian Peterson. Packers 30, Vikings 10

Indianapolis +6.5 BALTIMORE

#Chuckstrong. Ravens 20, Colts 17


Best game of wild card weekend by a long shot. I get the sense this will be the first NFL playoff game of the modern era to eerily resemble a college game as a pair of option quarterbacks engage in a game of “who can complete the least number of passes and still win”. I like the Seattle defense to make a big play late.  Seahawks 24, Redskins 20

And for those of you not following @DaBearsBlog on Twitter – you don’t know what you’re missing! Here were my Tweets for each of the clubs playing this weekend.

#1 of 8. If Houston loses to Cincinnati, doesn’t McNair have to contemplate making a change at head coach?

#2 of 8. If Cincinnati beats Houston Saturday it will be because Geno Atkins thrives in national spotlight and wrecks Houston’s run game.

#3 of 8. True Story. In preseason I picked the Minnesota Vikings to have the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#4 of 8. Does any Bears fan doubt for a second that the Packers will beat the Vikes by 25 Saturday night now that Bears have no stake?

#5 of 8. What if Flacco throws up one of those 11-34, 135 yards, 2 INT performances Sunday? Does Ozzie look elsewhere for QB in 2013?

#6 of 8. Ray Lewis announced his retirement for 1 reason: self promotion. He’s not the type to go quietly. He’s a showman. And a murderer.

#7 of 8. If Seattle had home field advantage in NFC, would any other team be a viable selection to make the Super Bowl? No. That’s insane.

#8 of 8. If Redskins offense outfoxes terrific Seahawks defense with a gimpy quarterback…Emery needs to sit with Kyle Shanahan next week.