Sunday Football Thread, or Go Browns & Ravens

| October 13th, 2013

Sunday thread


Three things that need to happen for….


  • Even if Calvin Johnson does play he is sure to be limited with injury and Matthew Stafford looked like a shell of himself without the best receiver in football on the field. If the Browns can get some consistent pressure they can control the pace of the game.
  • Brandon Weeden (sound it out) can’t have one of those Brandon Weeden games and throw the ball to the Lions three times. Use Willis McGahee, use the screen game and Jordan Cameron, Jordan Cameron, Jordan Cameron.
  • Cleveland’s had a top ten defense against the run this year, allowing less than a hundred yard a game. That must continue. If the Lions start gashing the Brown in the run game Stafford won’t need Johnson to move the ball through the air.


  • Not brain surgery when it comes to beating Aaron Rodgers: pass rush. Packers are a weak offensive line on the perimeter and only the Chiefs have sacked the quarterback more than the Ravens.
  • Ravens need to get the running game going with whomever is carrying the ball. Without Clay Matthews the Packers will struggle to consistently rush Joe Flacco. If Baltimore starts having success on the ground look for Flacco to hit Green Bay deep a few times.
  • Green Bay’s turnover differential is -2. Baltimore’s is -4. I’ll say it: team that turns it over fewest times wins.


The Bears’ next opponent – the Washington Redskins or whatever people want you to call them – will be on display this evening.

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