Bears at Redskins Final Notes & Game Day Chat

| October 19th, 2013


Three final thoughts on the ball game:

  1. A lot has been made about the expectations surrounding rookie MLB Jon Bostic. I sure hope fans and media do not let this game become a referendum on him. In this defensive system a lot is asked of the position manned by Brian Urlacher for a decade and Bostic should not be expected to find a comfort level in the defense after a few meaningless preseason games and nine days of practice. Bostic should not let the nerves/excitement of his first start stir his penchant for over-aggressiveness. Stay disciplined. Play within the system.
  2. I missed the stories in the lead-up to my game preview but the Washington Redskins have struggled mightily on special teams thus far in 2013. If there was ever going to be a week for Joe D to figure out the team’s coverage and blocking issues, this is it. (The more I look at tape of the Bears special teams units the more critical I become of Joe D’s work.)
  3. I watched the Jay Cutler press conference live. Jay was asked if he had any specific comments about facing DeAngelo Hall again. Jay said Hall was “just another player”, meaning he was preparing to face Hall like he’d prepare for Kerrigan or Orakpo or me. Of course Pro Football Talk runs this headline: JAY CUTLER ISN’T IMPRESSED BY DEANGELO HALL. This is what PFT – once the most important website in the NFL – has become. Cutler vs. Hall should be trumpeted this week as a grand football rematch. But we don’t have that media unfortunately.

Bear down. The action of a new generation. And since you all wanted a chat room…

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